Live Examples of Some Plugins

Last week, we unveiled the brand new WordPress-powered website at the University of Mary Washington. One of the nice things about unveiling the new site is the fact that I can now share some live examples of 2 of my public plugins.

The People search on the new UMW site is powered by my Active Directory Employee List plugin. You can test it out on the site by choosing the “People” radio button next to the search box at the top-right of any page. Type in some search criteria, and you’ll see results returned directly from Active Directory.

Also, part of the News site is powered by my Post Content Shortcodes plugin. Below the featured posts slider (powered by PluginBuddy’s Featured Posts plugin), you’ll see the 5 most recent posts on the News site. That list of 5 posts is presented using the Post Content Shortcodes plugin.

The UMW site also uses the Active Directory Authentication Integration plugin, but obviously I can’t really share a demo of how you login to our site.

More examples and demos of my plugins will probably be forthcoming, but those demos and examples aren’t ready to be shared quite yet.

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