Tabs Test

[tabs collapsible=”true”]
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Collapsible Widget Area 0.1a

Over time, I’ve run into an issue over and over again in which someone wants to use a tabbed or accordion interface to display specific widgets in their WordPress widgetized areas. Unfortunately, many of the plugins that accomplish this task are either poorly written, or haven’t been updated in a long time. When this issue finally came to a head at work, I decided I needed to write my own solution.

This is the first release of this plugin, and is extremely basic so far. More options and features may be added as I come across things that it needs to do, or as they are requested by users. Continue reading

A Few Tweaks to the Document Repository Plugin

For those of you that haven’t seen it, Ron Rennick wrote an amazing plugin for us at University of Mary Washington that lets us manage all of our documents (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.) from a single site in our WordPress network; and then insert links to those documents from within any other site in the network. The plugin handles revisioning the documents, and ensures that a single permalink always leads to the latest and greatest version of the document.

Just in case you’re wondering, yes, the Document Repository plugin is completely compatible with multisite (duh!) and with multi-network setups of WordPress.

In our particular situation, there were a handful of additional tweaks I wanted to make to the plugin, though. They weren’t really within Ron’s purview to make, since they didn’t effect the overall utility or performance of the plugin; I just wanted to make things a little cleaner and easier to use in our installation. Continue reading

Post Content Shortcodes 0.1a

Another day, another release. This is another brand new plugin for WordPress. The Post Content Shortcodes plugin allows you to insert a simple shortcode in any post or page, and use it to display the content of another post or page.

For a while, now, I’ve been using another plugin (which I will leave unnamed) to try to accomplish this, but I kept bumping into issues and shortcomings with that plugin, so I decided to write my own. The first public version was released today.

Please check it out, test it out and let me know what you think. If you are looking for more information about the plugin, please check out the Post Content Shortcodes page or read the information in the plugin repository. You can even check out a demo of the plugin (with the complete content of the Post Content Shortcodes page).

Active Directory Authentication Integration v0.6

The latest version of the Active Directory Authentication Integration plugin is a somewhat major revision. New features have been added, new options are available and much of the code has been completely rewritten.

Following is a quick rundown on the changes that were made to this version of the plugin: Continue reading

Post Revision Workflow 0.2a

This new release marks a substantial update to the simple Post Revision Workflow plugin. A handful of bugs were fixed, and a new feature was added. Following is the list of changes:

Special thanks to jdy68 for the bug reports.

More information about this plugin can be found on the Post Revision Workflow page.

Social Icons Widget 0.1a

Today we released a new plugin for WordPress that allows you to easily add links to all of your social media profiles in any widgetized area on your site.

This is the first version of the Social Icons Widget plugin. This is an extremely simple plugin that basically does nothing but list the links you add to it in the Widget control panel. The key to this plugin, though, is the fact that it includes filters to let you easily customize it to your needs. There are filters that allow you to expand (or reduce) the list of social media profiles that should be listed; and there are filters that allow you to completely control the output of the widget. You can read more about the plugin on the Social Icons Widget page, or in the readme file. Continue reading

Extended Super Admins 0.6.1

This release is the first step toward fixing some issues raised by philippe7v7 in the WordPress forums. Basically, philippe7v7 pointed out the fact that any Super Admin with permission to activate/deactivate network plugins could simply deactivate this plugin to give themselves full Super Admin capabilities; and that any Super Admin with permission to edit plugins could simply edit this plugin to give themselves full capabilities.

This release removes the action links (Activate, Deactivate, Edit and Delete) from this plugin when shown in the list of network plugins if the user doesn’t have the manage_esa_options capability.

Active Directory Employee List - 0.1 - Screenshot 4

Active Directory Employee List 0.2.1a

Today, we are happy to announce a brand new WordPress plugin. The Active Directory Employee List plugin allows you to easily retrieve user information from an Active Directory server and display it on your WordPress site. This plugin might be handy for corporate WordPress users that want to display a list of their employees along with some contact information for each.

More information about the plugin can be found on our Active Directory Employee List page and you can download the current version from the WordPress repository.