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Active Directory Authentication Integration v0.6

The latest version of the Active Directory Authentication Integration plugin is a somewhat major revision. New features have been added, new options are available and much of the code has been completely rewritten.

Following is a quick rundown on the changes that were made to this version of the plugin: Continue reading

Active Directory Authentication Integration v0.2a

A new version of our Active Directory Authentication Integration plugin was released today. This new version fixes two somewhat significant bugs that were present in the first version. This version also adds support for Ron and Andrea Rennick’s “Networks+” multi-network plugin and David Dean’s “Networks for WordPress” multi-network plugin, completely revamps the way the plugin detects and utilizes multi-network functions, revised the way the plugin scripts and stylesheets are registered and utilized and more. Continue reading

AD Authentication

There are a handful of plug-ins available for WordPress right now that allow you to login and authenticate users based on Microsoft Active Directory credentials, but only one of them seems to actually work and it has some serious issues that need to be tackled before it’s usable in large-scale environments.

Enter my new Active Directory plug-in (I’ll call it ADAI throughout the rest of this article). I’m currently working on rewriting much of the code base for the Active Directory Integration (ADI) plug-in and turning it into an all-new plug-in for WordPress. Continue reading