Support Ten-321

Here at Ten-321 Enterprises, we truly enjoy developing new features and plugins for WordPress. We count ourselves lucky that we get paid by clients (and, for some of us, also by our full-time employers) to play around with WordPress all the time.

When we release a plugin into the repository, we do so with great joy, and are always overwhelmed by the support and feedback that the community shows us. For us, honestly, that feedback, continued support, bug reports and patches are all the thanks we need.

However, if you decide that you really would like to send us a little something extra, we certainly won’t turn you away. With that in mind, if you still feel like you’d like to send us something, you can do so either by sending us something off of our Amazon Wish List, or by using the form below to donate directly. Thanks again for your support.

* Please understand that donating to Ten-321 does not constitute any sort of premium support purchase. We will continue to support all of our public plugins for free, and will provide that support when we are available. Contributing to Ten-321 does not entitle you to any priority support. Thank you.