Active Directory Authentication Integration v0.2a

A new version of our Active Directory Authentication Integration plugin was released today. This new version fixes two somewhat significant bugs that were present in the first version. This version also adds support for Ron and Andrea Rennick’s “Networks+” multi-network plugin and David Dean’s “Networks for WordPress” multi-network plugin, completely revamps the way the plugin detects and utilizes multi-network functions, revised the way the plugin scripts and stylesheets are registered and utilized and more. Continue reading

Extended Super Admins 0.6a

Yet another update for Extended Super Admins has been released to the public. This version does not really include very many backend changes; but it does drastically change the user interface for the plugin.

The settings page for this plugin now utilizes the native interface for meta boxes when rendering the sets of options, rather than using a custom JavaScript interface.

As always, the plugin is available for download from the WordPress repository.

Extended Super Admins 0.5a

Over the last few days, I’ve released a handful of new versions for this plugin. The current stable version is 0.5a, which finally fixes a frustrating bug identified by RavanH. Basically, in certain installations of WordPress, under specific circumstances, it was impossible to delete roles once you’d created them. Instead, each time you tried to delete a role, that role would persist and a new empty role would be created. Continue reading

Extended Super Admins 0.2a

I’ve gone ahead and released the Extended Super Admins plugin into the public WordPress repository. Hopefully the plugin will get more usage and testing that way. As is mentioned below, please report (through the WordPress forums, comments on this blog post, my e-mail or on Twitter) if you find any issues or bugs in the plugin. It is still very much in the alpha stage and will need quite a bit more testing before it becomes stable.

This plugin was developed by Curtiss Grymala for the University of Mary Washington. It is licensed under the GPL2; so please feel free to take it, break it and fix it however you want. Just make sure the initial credit and license information stays in tact.

Following is the information from the readme file: Continue reading

Extended Super Admins – Public Alpha

Before releasing this plugin to the general public, I would really like to have some people test it and look for any bugs or scalability issues that may be present. That is why I’m posting it here.

What does this plugin do?

This plugin allows users to create multiple levels of Super Admin users within a WordPress Multi Site installation. Out of the box, in order for a user in WordPress Multi Site to have any control over network settings, they have to be granted full Super Admin status. This plugin changes that. You can create multiple roles and have granular control over the capabilities that each role has. Then, you can assign any Super Admins you desire to that role. Continue reading

List Attachments Shortcode v0.4a

This evening, I discovered a minor issue in version 0.3a of the List Attachments Shortcode plug-in. The problem was with the use of the orderby parameter. Because of some code related to the groupby parameter, the orderby parameter was ignored unless the groupby parameter was also set. This new version corrects that issue, so that you should be able to successfully use any of the orderby parameters available to the get_posts() function in WordPress. Continue reading

List Attachments Shortcode v0.3a

While testing version 0.2a of this plug-in, I discovered a handful of issues that needed to be addressed. I fixed those issues and am now releasing the updated version. I’m sure there is still a multitude of issues with the plug-in, but I want to get it out publicly for wider testing. I am using this plug-in on a handful of websites, and it seems to work in each of those situations; but I’m not using all of the features that I’ve tried to build in, either.

The approval came in from the WordPress team, too; so I will be adding this new version of the plug-in to the WordPress repository. I didn’t get a chance to release the previous version into the repo, so v0.3a will be the first version of this plug-in officially released in the WordPress community.

This plug-in is available for download from the List Attachments Shortcode page of the WordPress plug-in repository.

Following is the updated readme information from this version of the plug-in. Continue reading

List Attachments Shortcode – v0.2a

As of this point, I am releasing the List Attachments Shortcode plugin into the WordPress repository. As a result, I’ve included a proper WordPress plugin readme file, as well as the text of the GPLv2 license with the download.

There was only one change to the code between this version and the previous version; but it’s a rather major one. The links generated by the first version of the plugin were empty. This newer version corrects that. Continue reading

AD Authentication

There are a handful of plug-ins available for WordPress right now that allow you to login and authenticate users based on Microsoft Active Directory credentials, but only one of them seems to actually work and it has some serious issues that need to be tackled before it’s usable in large-scale environments.

Enter my new Active Directory plug-in (I’ll call it ADAI throughout the rest of this article). I’m currently working on rewriting much of the code base for the Active Directory Integration (ADI) plug-in and turning it into an all-new plug-in for WordPress. Continue reading

List Attachments Shortcode – v0.1a

This WordPress plug-in allows users to easily list all of the attachments associated with a specific post or page within WordPress. For instance, if you want to create a long list of Word documents or PDF documents, you can simply attach them to the page or post, then insert the shortcode where you’d like that list to appear. Continue reading