Post Content Shortcodes

On a few of the sites I manage, there has been a need to display the content of one post or page within another post or page. In some cases, it make sense to simply redirect the duplicate (or “clone”) to the original using a plugin like “Page Links To”. In other cases, though, the clone needs to be an actual clone of the original, presented as a separate page with the same content. In some fringe cases, it’s even necessary to display the content of multiple pages within a single page (for instance, in one case, there was a site with pages for “past”, “present” and “future” information about the organization; and they wanted another page with the “past” and “present” information displayed together).

Of course, you could simply copy the content of the first page and paste it into a new page, but that can get awfully messy rather quickly when you start to edit the content of one or the other.

That’s where this plugin comes in. By including a simple shortcode within the post editor, WordPress will automatically retrieve the content of the original post or page and display it in the current post or page.


To display the content of a page or post, you simply need to know the ID of that post. Then, use a shortcode like the following (for this example, let’s say the ID of the post we want to clone is 25):

[post-content id=25]

That’s all there is to it. The [post-content] shortcode requires a single argument: the ID of the post/page being cloned.


As a bonus, this plugin comes with a second shortcode built in that allows you to display a list of posts or pages. The [post-list] shortcode does not require any arguments at all. If no arguments are passed to it, it will use the following defaults:

  • numberposts => -1
  • offset => 0
  • category => null
  • orderby => post_title
  • order => asc
  • include => null
  • exclude => null
  • meta_key => null
  • meta_value => null
  • post_type => ‘post’
  • post_mime_type => null
  • post_parent => null
  • post_status => ‘publish’
  • exclude_current => true

The first 13 arguments shown are the standard arguments used with the get_posts() function in WordPress. One thing to note is the fact that the numberposts argument is set to -1 by default for this shortcode, where it is normally set to 5 in other WordPress usage.

The last argument shown in the list is custom for this plugin. When set to true, the exclude_current argument will keep the current post from being shown in the post list. When set to false, "false" or 0, the current post will be included in the post list if it matches the rest of the criteria specified.


The [post-content] shortcode simply outputs the content of the post. It does not add any extra HTML code to the output. It does, however, use apply_filters( ‘the_content’ ) on the content of the post to make sure that any shortcodes in the original page are processed, and that any necessary formatting is applied.

The [post-list] shortcode, however, does output some HTML. By default, it uses the following HTML:

<ul class="post-list">
<li class="listed-post"><a href="%permalink%" title="%title%">%title</a></li>

There are some filters available within the plugin that can alter the HTML generated by the shortcode. Those filters are as follows:

  • post-content-shortcodes-open-list – filters the opening ‘<ul>’ tag
  • post-content-shortcodes-open-item – filters the opening ‘<li>’ tag
  • post-content-shortcodes-item-link-open – filters the opening ‘<a>’ tag. Three parameters are available with this filter. The constructed ‘<a>’ tag is sent as the first parameter, the permalink is the second and the title attribute is the third. The ‘the_permalink’ filter is applied to the permalink before it is sent or used, and the ‘the_title_attribute’ filter is applied to the title attribute before it is sent or used.
  • post-content-shortcodes-item-link-close – filters the closing ‘</a>’ tag
  • post-content-shortcodes-close-item – filters the closing ‘</li>’ tag
  • post-content-shortcodes-close-list – filters the closing ‘</ul>’ tag

To Do

Following are some known issues or features that will possibly be fixed/added in future releases:

  • Attachments are not carried over from the original post (so the featured image, gallery shortcodes, etc. are not used in the clone).
  • Pages cannot currently be shown in hierarchical order.

113 thoughts on “Post Content Shortcodes

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        1. Curtiss Grymala Post author

          You can now include the post excerpt (or an excerpt of the full content) and limit how many words of that excerpt are displayed. It doesn’t yet have an option to include a “Read more” link, but the excerpt possibility is included now. Thanks.

    1. Tom

      In your plugin, is there a shortcode to sort by post date? The order one works (asc/desc) but seems to pull in different old and new posts maybe alpha? Thank you.

  2. Mark White

    Had a conflict on this where an existing plugin was using a filter on the_content which relied on the global $post to identified post_meta to update $content on the fly. When the contained post used this plugin, $post referred to the containing post and not the contained post, so nothing was triggered.

    This workaround on the existing plugin filter works, but there are obvious use cases where it would break so I’d welcome more elegant solutions.

    global $post;
    // Is the post included by post content shortcode plugin
    $pattern = '/post-contentid=([0-9]*)/';
    preg_match($pattern, preg_replace('/\s+/', '', $post->post_content), $match);
    if ($match && (preg_replace('/\s+/', '', $content) != preg_replace('/\s+/', '', $post->post_content))) {
    $post_id = $match[1];
    } else {
    $post_id = $post->ID;

    Whitespace is stripped to allow for double-space typos on the containing post, and because $content seems to contain newlines that $post->post_content doesn’t.

    1. Mark White

      Had to edit this to use strip_tags() after whitespace ad been removed from $post->post_content. Code seems to work…but still very ugly and there must be a better approach surely.

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  4. Flash Buddy

    Getting this error:
    Notice: Use of undefined constant post_content_shortcodes – assumed ‘post_content_shortcodes’ in /home/forlawco/public_html/wp-content/plugins/post-content-shortcodes/post-content-shortcodes.php on line 11

    Do you want me to fix that for you?

  5. brian

    I’m having trouble filtering by category with the [post-list] shortcode.

    Am I correct in understanding that the following is the correct format?

    [post-list category=thecategoryname]

  6. Ian Howell

    Hi, I would be extremely interested in being able to display the_excerpt rather than the_content with the [post-content] shortcode, with a read-more hyperlink. Also, the thumbnail and perma-linked title as well. There doesn’t seem to be a good solution to this issue in the plug-in repository, but yours looks very promising.

    Is this something that you could do quickly? It would be a great asset to the community :-)


    1. Curtiss Grymala Post author

      Possibly, but part of it depends on how your posts are structured. If your posts have manual excerpts, those will show instead of the full content; but if they rely on automatic excerpts (or the “more” tag inside of the post), you can display the full content in the post list.

      I believe the shortcode would look something like:
      [[post-list category=1 show_excerpt=1]]

      You’ll have to change the ID of the category, though.

      1. virtual_window

        Now it is working fine, thank you for your help. This is one of the greatest plugins I use.

  7. Jon Berke

    When I try to save your plugin’s settings, I’m directed to /wp-admin/options.php with the following text displayed on the page:

    ERROR: options page not found.

    I’m using the latest version of WordPress (3.3.2).

    Other than that, the plugin works great. Thanks.

    1. Curtiss Grymala Post author

      You’re absolutely correct. I think the options page was something I was working on for a future version, but it got accidentally pushed when I had to release an urgent update.

      I’ll take a look soon and see if I can get the options page working properly. Thanks for the report.

      1. Curtiss Grymala Post author

        I’m not able to reproduce this error at the moment. I did find a bug in the widget, but it’s not related to the report you filed.

        Just to be sure, though, can you please update to the new version (0.3.2) that I just pushed out?

        If that doesn’t work, can you please try switching to the default TwentyEleven theme and disabling other plugins to make sure there’s not a conflict somewhere? Thanks.

  8. Bob lee

    Great plugin. I’m using it to replace INLINE POST. I have simple needs, one of which is to display the Post Title in my [post-content id=10386]

    It looks funky without the title.

    Am I missing something?

    Advance thanks

    1. Curtiss Grymala Post author

      I’ve just uploaded a new development version that should, hopefully, add the feature that you requested. Following is an excerpt I added to the readme documenting the new feature. Thanks for the feedback, and please let me know whether or not this works for you.

      show_title => false - Whether or not to show the post title at the top of the content. By default, the title is wrapped in `<h2>` tags, but you can use the `post-content-shortcodes-title` filter to modify the title output.

  9. Ryan


    I’ve been trying to get exclude_current turned off so I can include the latest post but it doesn’t seem to work using 0 or false.

    ‘[post-list exclude_current="0" category="48" numberposts="1" show_image="true" show_excerpt="true" excerpt_length="60"]‘

      1. Curtiss Grymala Post author

        Try either [post-list exclude_current=0 or [post-list exclude_current=”false”.

        Looking at the code, I didn’t account for the fact that you might use “0” instead of 0 or “false”.

  10. sebastien

    Hello, thanks for the plugin.
    On a test, i did installed post-content-shortcode, and it was not working too much.
    As I wanted to go further, I did install a brand new multisite, 3.4.1, with TwentyEleven, and 0.3.2 plugin, that is all.

    blog_id 1, page id 2, filled with Lorem Ipsum …
    blog_id 3, page id 2, idem.

    In page 2 of blog_id 2,
    [post-content blog_id=3 id=2]
    [post-content blog_id=1 id=2]

    Nothing happend when looking that page.

    What can I do now ?

    Thanks for your help

    1. Curtiss Grymala Post author

      Can you try the development version of the plugin? I know I fixed something recently with the way it pulls posts from other blogs, but can’t remember if I’ve released those changes in the latest stable version, or if they’re only in the development version. Thanks.

  11. sebastien

    Correction : id does perfectly work in a post, the shortcode [post-content blog_id=3 id=2] has to be in a post, not in a page :-(, and it does work as a widget also !

    A post ? a page ? once you know, it is going to be allright what ever.

    Thanks again.

    1. Sebastien

      No unfortunately it does not work as it should be, or …

      OK I use 0.3.3

      [post-content blog_id=4 id=6]
      This is in a post, but id=6 is a page. OK I have some text;

      [post-content blog_id=4 id=1]
      This is in a post, id=1 is a post. No, I do not have any text.

      Then, in id=6, i change / add some text of the page. Is it normal I dont have “immediately” the changes printed ? Immediately with ‘”‘, because I will test tomorrow to see if the text finally appears

      Please Curtiss, dont believe I am bad, I really love the idea of that pluggin and I would like to help, but it is a little bit difficult for me :-)

      Thanks for all.

      1. Curtiss Grymala Post author

        Sebastien – Because the process of retrieving a post from another blog in the network takes so many resources, the external post content is cached for an hour at a time.

        If you’d like to shorten the amount of time that post content is cached, you can add some code to your theme’s functions.php file to change that time period.

        To do that, you would simply use something like:
        add_filter( 'pcsc-transient-timeout', 'change_pcsc_timeout' );
        function change_pcsc_timeout( $timeout ) {
        return 60; /* seconds - the default is 60 * 60, which is one hour */

    1. Curtiss Grymala Post author

      Can you try the new development version of the plugin? There was some confusion between the numberposts parameter and the posts_per_page parameter in previous versions. The plugin now assigns the same value to both parameters before trying to request the posts, so it might work properly now.

  12. bluerainsky

    this plugin is exactly what i am looking for. however, i found a small bug.

    when doing something like:
    [post-content id=123]
    testing 2

    this seems to be all good except that if sharing buttons are enabled, they would show up before testing 2 after the 123 contents.

    please help

  13. Akhila Goonetilleke

    Hey mate. Great Plugin, although I noticed a few errors u might wanna update your plugin with. The [show_title=”true”] doesn’t work. The “h2” tags appear in the code but the content within the tags are empty.
    So I looked into the code and I noticed the variable used to get the post id on the title section was wrong. (Line 175 – Development Versions) where “$post” should be change to “$p”.
    So the new code would be

    Also one other thing you could add is a link to the title.. the updated code (line 175) as follows..

    Hope these changes can make a difference :)


    p.s. sorry for the previous comments.. the code didn’t show properly and didnt know how else to post em but with pastebin :)

  14. sebastien

    Hello Curtiss

    Post Content Shortcodes work nice. Thanks.

    With [post-list], I would like to have no link in the title. I do not understand how to use this:

    — post-content-shortcodes-item-link-open – filters the opening <a> tag. Three parameters are available with this filter. The constructed <a> tag is sent as the first parameter, the permalink is the second and the title attribute is the third. The ‘the_permalink’ filter is applied to the permalink before it is sent or used, and the ‘the_title_attribute’ filter is applied to the title attribute before it is sent or used.
    — post-content-shortcodes-item-link-close – filters the closing </a> tag

    Can you help me ? :-) Thanks.

    1. Curtiss Grymala Post author

      Sebastien – Basically, within your theme’s functions.php, you would want to use the following PHP code:

      add_filter( 'post-content-shortcodes-item-link-open', 'remove_pcs_link' );
      add_filter( 'post-content-shortcodes-item-link-close', 'remove_pcs_link' );
      function remove_pcs_link( $html ) {
      return '';

      1. sebastien

        And if I want to keep the title visible, with no link back to the original :

        add_filter( 'post-content-shortcodes-item-link-open', 'remove_pcs_link2' );
        function remove_pcs_link2( $html ) {
        $cString =
        '<a href="' . '#' . '" title="' . ' ' . '" rel="nofollow"&rt;';
        return $cString;

        and I am happy :-)

  15. Dave

    Hi Curtiss, for some reason today the plugin stopped resizing image thumbnails. The page above is the one that’s giving me trouble. Each of the images on that page shoul be 200x140px, not 800×600 as can be seen there.

    [post-content id=203 show_image="true" image_width="200" image_height="140" excerpt_length="50"]

    I tried disabling all of my other plugins to see if there was a conflict. That was no help.

    Any thoughts???

      1. Curtiss Grymala Post author

        Did you just recently update the plugin? While looking into your issue, I noticed a typo in the latest version of the plugin (for some weird reason, I typed $image_ise instead of $image_size). That’s probably what caused the problem. I’m updating the plugin right now to fix that issue. Thanks for letting me know about it.

  16. John

    I think that this plugin might solve a lot of questions for us, if only one little thing. We’d like to be able to use the category name or the slug instead of a category ID. The reason? We’ve been working with our team to give over more responsibility for the site to a greater number of people. Thus the person handling FAQs needs to be able to do things. Thinking through the process of how to get a category ID (which is not readily visible in the WP UI), it would be easier to tell her to put in the slug name for the post list. Any chance of that?

  17. tonym

    This is a really useful plugin and has some interesting functionality that I thought I would share.

    If you set up a page (say id=50) which contains some content plus
    [post-content id=47]
    [post-content id=48]
    [post-content id=49]

    Then create another page (id-51) with content plus
    [post-content id=50]

    Page 51 includes its own content plus all of the content of page 50 (including 47/48/49)

    There are limitations to this – if other shortcodes are on the final page (51) there can be a conflict and the display is not exactly what you were expecting but this is easy to test.

  18. Girl Town Blog

    I love this plugin! Great work and thank you for making all of our lives easier!

    One question: I can’t get the “read more” link to show up when I am showing an excerpt-

    This is what I am pulling: [post-list category="inspiration" orderby="post_date" order="dsc" exclude_current="0" numberposts="4" show_image="true" show_excerpt="true" excerpt_length="150"]

    Thank you so much for your time!

    1. Curtiss Grymala Post author

      There is nothing built into the plugin that implements a “read more” link in the post list (though, there probably should be). I’ll have to look at adding this feature to the next version. Thanks for the suggestion.

  19. Dave

    Hi – thanks for this tool.
    I’m having a bit of trouble with the post_parent parameter. I’m new to WordPress so maybe I’m missing something obvious. In any case, I’m trying to use the parent id of 28 and it tells me there are no matches (there are):
    [post-list post_parent=28 post_status='publish']
    I then try using the corresponding word, “Authors” assuming maybe there’s a join going on behind the scenes and that seems to pull more than expected. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Curtiss Grymala Post author

      Can you try specifying the “post_type” parameter as well and see if that corrects the issue? I’m guessing that the post type you’re trying to display doesn’t match up with the default post type, so WordPress is indicating that there aren’t any posts that match the specs.

  20. LJ

    Love this plugin! Definitely need a Read More link for the excerpts, so I hope you will soon include it as pedestrians to the website are used to looking for a Read More link and most times don’t think to click on the post heading. Thanks again for doing what you do!

  21. Jat Harel

    I’m using the following shortcode and it works great, only that the “Read more” link is missing regardless of how long the posts or excerpts are: [post-list orderby=rand numberposts=8 category=91 show_excerpt=true excerpt_length=50 post_type=post show_image=true image_width=100 image_height=100]. How can I get the Read more link to always show?


  22. Ehsan

    Thank you for your useful plugin
    I wonder how does search engines treat the posts that are created by this plugin? cand they identify the generated content?

    1. Curtiss Grymala Post author

      Ehsan – Since this plugin utilizes shortcodes within the content of a post or page, it doesn’t implement any kind of meta tags in the head to identify it as duplicate content. I’m honestly not sure how search engines would or would not categorize the content implemented with this plugin.

  23. Ehsan

    it has a little conflict with Shareaholic plugin. when I display a post content in another the share buttons from the original post will be also shown in the new post

    1. Curtiss Grymala Post author

      This is a side effect of the fact that this plugin uses apply_filters( 'the_content' ) on the content or excerpt before it outputs it. To get around this, we’d have to find a way to remove the shareaholic filter from the_content before outputting the content.

      I’ll look at adding an action before and after the actual output, so that you could potentially remove the filter, then add it back in.

    1. Curtiss Grymala Post author

      Josh – There isn’t an option to do so in the current stable version of the plugin. However, I’ve been working on adding that feature in, so if you want to test the development version of the plugin, you can try it out. Within the current development version, you should be able to use something like [post-content id=1 show_date=1] or [post-list show_date=1]. Thanks.

      1. Josh

        Awesome thanks! One other thing…I have excerpt_length=5 but when I posted my 6th blog post it cleared out the last 5 and left me with only one blog post showing. Is there any way to have the 5 most recent blog posts showing at all times?

  24. John

    Hi, thanks for the plugin. I’m simply trying to display the very basic listings, but I feel like a total noob and have no idea how the filter works. So for example, instead of this default HTML,

    <a href="%permalink%" title="%title%" rel="nofollow">%title</a>

    I just want

    <a href="" rel="nofollow">title</a>

    How do I do this? Thanks again.

      1. Curtiss Grymala Post author

        If you are using the post-list shortcode, try the following (somewhere in your functions.php file):

        add_filter( 'post-content-shortcodes-item-link-open', 'abc_remove_link', 99 );
        add_filter( 'post-content-shortcodes-item-link-close', 'abc_remove_link', 99 );
        function abc_remove_link( $html ) {
        return false;

  25. Andy

    I would like to have the posts not show if they are labeled “drafts”. I have added [post-content id=201 post_status='published'] so that only when post 201 is published it will show. When it is a draft, or private, I would like it not to show. How/Can I get the code to work? Thanks for the help!

  26. Liz


    I was wondering how can I add my styles to override the default CSS. I’d prefer not to alter the css in the plugin, but rather have overriding styles within my theme somewhere.

    Is there a way to do that?

    – Liz

    1. Liz

      Never mind….I managed to put styles in my styles.css of my theme but marked them with !important so they wouldn’t get overridden.

  27. Beth

    This plugin is amazing! I had a bit of a problem at first because I didn’t realize that WP recently omitted the category ID’s from the normal available information in themes…so I couldn’t find my ID’s anywhere.

    After some research (and installing a separate plugin that would reveal the category ID’s), I put your plugin to work, and it’s beautiful–does EXACTLY what I wanted it to do!

    Thank you!

    1. Curtiss Grymala Post author

      So, just to clarify:
      You are using the post-list shortcode (or maybe widget), and you have the exclude_current=false parameter set so that the list includes the current post?

      At this time, I don’t think there’s anything built into the plugin that would differentiate between the current post and any other post in the list.

      You could potentially try to use the post-content-shortcodes-item-link-open filter to compare the post permalink (the second parameter) or the post title (the third parameter) to the current post and then search for the ‘pcs-post-title’ CSS class in that link and add to it. That’s not a very elegant way to do this, but I think it might currently be the only way.

  28. Rebecca


    When I use the shortcode in a post, the original post loses all it’s formatting. Any idea why this is happening?

    Many thanks,

      1. Rebecca


        Thank you so much for your reply. I was using the shortcode.
        I actually worked around the problem. It seems that add_filters was conflicting with my theme.

  29. Rob

    The website I have been working on has suddenly lost the […] after the excerpt. (I updated WordPress) and this seems to have been the key factor. I am using “post-list category” and “show_excerpt=true excerpt_length=55”

    Thanks for any help…

    1. Curtiss Grymala Post author

      At this point, are you running WordPress 3.5.2 and version 0.3.3 of the Post Content Shortcodes plugin? If so, I’ll look into the issue you’re reporting and see what kind of solution I can find.

  30. Mars

    I’ve just installed the plugin on a site I still mange locally. It works just right.
    I read your advise is to “Add AJAX features to allow user to choose from a list of posts/sites, instead of requiring them to manually enter the ID”
    I’m brand new to WordPress (I started 2-3 weeks ago) and I have no idea about how to do this. Is this something I could implement myself (and then could you please answer by some helpful link)
    …or some to-do-list you wrote as a feature for later versions?

    1. Curtiss Grymala Post author

      There already is a Post Content Widget and a Post List Widget as part of the plugin. Are there options missing from those that you’re trying to use? Or, are you asking to use the shortcode as part of some other widget?

      1. Kathy Christensen

        Sorry to bother you! This is quickly becoming one of my most used plugins!

        I am looking in Appearance/Widgets and I don’t see any widgets specifically called “Post Content Widget” or “Post List Widget”. What am I missing?

      2. Mark Panguito

        sorry, if its possible, would you kindly direct me to those plugins? Post Content Widget and a Post List Widget. What I’ve installed at the moment is the Post content shortcode. Are you saying that those three widgets go hand-in-hand?

        1. Curtiss Grymala Post author

          Yes. If you have v0.3.3 of the “Post Content Shortcodes” plugin installed and active, you should be able to use the “Post Content” and “Post List” widgets by going to Appearance -> Widgets in your admin area. They are part of the “Post Content Shortcodes” plugin.

          1. Curtiss Grymala Post author

            I just figured out why you’re not seeing those widgets. I forgot that that was an experimental feature I’ve been working on. It’s basically built into the plugin, but the option to enable it is currently hidden (the only way to enable the options is to manually modify the database).

            I’m working on updating the plugin today and see if I can push out a new version with the options enabled this afternoon. Thanks for your patience, and for pushing me to figure out the issue.

  31. Wendy


    I like this plugin very much. Is it available to change the “Read More” text to […] ? If I want to insert a Visit Site button, is it available for this plugin ?


    1. Curtiss Grymala Post author

      You could filter the Read More link with some code similar to the following in your theme’s functions.php file:
      add_filter( 'post-content-shortcodes-read-more', 'read_more_visit_site' );
      function read_more_visit_site( $link ) {
      return str_ireplace( 'Read more', 'Visit Site', $link );

    1. Curtiss Grymala Post author

      You can add your own CSS styles to your theme’s stylesheet or through the Custom CSS module of JetPack. That should help you edit the layout of the list.

      Regarding the “Read more” link, if you use the read_more attribute and the show_excerpt attribute in the shortcode, that should cause a “Read more” link to appear. For example:

      [[post-list read_more=1 show_excerpt=1]]

  32. mark

    Hi Curtiss,
    Great plugin. We’re using the basic [post-content id=X] shortcode, which passes no unique extra html. However, we need to target these areas. How do we make it pass the post ID or add a class to the html?

  33. Finn Gehrcke

    Great plugin :)

    I use a front page with the code:
    [post-list show_excerpt=true numberposts=6]
    For some reason the list shows in two columns.
    Standard post lists do not come in two columns!
    What am I doing wrong?

    1. Curtiss Grymala Post author

      Are you using the latest version of the plugin? If so, you should be able to disable the default stylesheet that comes with the plugin; that’s probably what’s causing that. Go to Settings -> Post Content Shortcodes and disable the default stylesheet.

  34. pavan

    hi curtiss first i’m thankful to you for this plugin
    my query is i’m using shortcode [post-list category=? show_date=1] in a page
    but i’m getting any date displayed in the title, could you plz help me out?
    thank you…,

  35. Rachel

    Hello, I love your plugin!!

    I am relatively new to wordpress & coding. Is there any way that I can change the appearance of the “Read more” button in the post-list shortcode? I just want it to be plain text, rather than a button. And I want it located right after the last word in the excerpt, rather than underneath it.

    Thank you!

  36. Brian Barrett

    I am working on a membership landing page and have started using your plugin, which I love by the way. However, I can not seem to find the setting to render the excerpts in one column on the page instead of two. Could you point me in the right direction?


  37. Susan Paigen

    Using the post-content shortcode:
    If I try to use the shortcode more than once in the same post or page where the target posts are pages or posts it works fine. If the target posts are special post types it works fine with one instance but everything disappears when I use it twice! Is there any way I can make this work? I really like the plugin and the alternative I’ve found, which works with multiples of custom post types, conflicts with our navigation!
    Thanks, Susan

  38. Jason Tucker

    I love your plugin and I’m looking for a way to use strip_tags on the excerpt output from this shortcode:
    [post-list category=36 orderby="date" order="desc" show_excerpt=1 excerpt_length=50 show_title="true" numberposts=1 post_type="post" read_more=1]

    Mainly I want to get rid of any images that are in the excerpt. Our posts don’t have isolated excerpts so I’m having to make do.

  39. Susan Paigen

    Thank you for the plugin!
    I want to use the post-content shortcode to build posts which contain multiple reusable content blocks. The blocks are a special post type. If I try to use the shortcode more than once on a page or post when the components being called are special post types it breaks the page – the content disappears. If the components are regular posts or pages I can use the shortcode multiple times with no problems. It doesn’t matter whether the shortcode is being used IN a page, post, or custom post type. It would be TREMENDOUSLY helpful if I could get this to work!!
    Thanks, Susan

  40. Dana

    I was directed to this plugin because I am trying to set up a “static” homepage with about 5 recent posts… I am totally new to short codes and WP so what code would I need to use for that???

  41. Otto

    Hello and thank you for this amazing plugin! I have a question for you. I’m using the post list on a custom post type named Professor and it works like a charm with the code [post-list post_type="professor"] . But is there a way to filter even more, with custom taxonomy of the post type? Like [post-list post_type="professores" category="guitar"]?

  42. Eva


    Once you disable the default style sheet on a subdomain, is it possible to enable it again? I am working on a multisite and downloaded this plugin to pull the content of the sub directories on the main domain. When I disabled the default style sheet on the Home page of the main domain, an error code was displayed (saying that I didn´t have privileges to edit the page, which is not true as I was using a superadmin profile that is also an admin in all the sub directories). After disabling the plugin stylesheet option (it worked even though the error was displayed), the Plugin name was not visible anymore on Tools menu. And there is no way for me to have back the plugin default stylesheet for the main domain (it is working for the sub directories and visible in the menus Admin panel as I didn´t disabled the stylesheet in the subdirectories). I tried disabling and then deleting the plugin and re installing it again, but it didn´t work. It is like the plugin css was disabled somewhere else in the wp files. Could you please help? Thanks a lot in advance!

  43. Brian Lucas

    This plugin is very useful! I have noticed one problem, though. When I have a post that includes a picture, post-content displays the post with its picture. However, when the picture has a caption on it, post-content does not display the picture at all. Would it be possible to correct this in a future release so that the picture with caption is displayed?

  44. Sergio


    Not all of us are coders and i can’t seem to find any tutorial or readme file.

    I want is to use this to show the content of a post inside a page. Can you tell me exactly what to put in my page so it will show my post?

    I have now inside my page the following
    [post-content id=34]
    But it’s not doing anything


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