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Extended Super Admins 0.5a

Over the last few days, I’ve released a handful of new versions for this plugin. The current stable version is 0.5a, which finally fixes a frustrating bug identified by RavanH. Basically, in certain installations of WordPress, under specific circumstances, it was impossible to delete roles once you’d created them. Instead, each time you tried to delete a role, that role would persist and a new empty role would be created. Continue reading

Extended Super Admins – Public Alpha

Before releasing this plugin to the general public, I would really like to have some people test it and look for any bugs or scalability issues that may be present. That is why I’m posting it here.

What does this plugin do?

This plugin allows users to create multiple levels of Super Admin users within a WordPress Multi Site installation. Out of the box, in order for a user in WordPress Multi Site to have any control over network settings, they have to be granted full Super Admin status. This plugin changes that. You can create multiple roles and have granular control over the capabilities that each role has. Then, you can assign any Super Admins you desire to that role. Continue reading