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Active Directory Employee List - 0.1 - Screenshot 4

Active Directory Employee List 0.2.1a

Today, we are happy to announce a brand new WordPress plugin. The Active Directory Employee List plugin allows you to easily retrieve user information from an Active Directory server and display it on your WordPress site. This plugin might be handy for corporate WordPress users that want to display a list of their employees along with some contact information for each.

More information about the plugin can be found on our Active Directory Employee List page and you can download the current version from the WordPress repository.

Active Directory Authentication Integration v0.2a

A new version of our Active Directory Authentication Integration plugin was released today. This new version fixes two somewhat significant bugs that were present in the first version. This version also adds support for Ron and Andrea Rennick’s “Networks+” multi-network plugin and David Dean’s “Networks for WordPress” multi-network plugin, completely revamps the way the plugin detects and utilizes multi-network functions, revised the way the plugin scripts and stylesheets are registered and utilized and more. Continue reading